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Civil Engineering
Site Feasibility Assessment
Pinkham and Greer provides site assessments for many clients. Each client has a different risk tolerance requiring us to tailor our site feasibility assessment to match the client's needs. This is usually the first step in our site design process and guides the conceptual design. We utilize existing data as much as possible to minimize the upfront cost and then supplement the data with onsite surveys. Aerial photos, tax map boundaries, county soils mapping and municipal utilities maps are readily available to begin a project. This information coupled with zoning information and our clients' project goals allows us to assess a project's viability.
The key to our success is the guidance we offer our clients with the project development and site feasibility assessment which is critical to the process.

Conceptual Planning and Project Management
The conceptual planning of each project is the most fun and exciting phase. It allows us as designers and planners to be creative and to interact with our clients, allowing us to establish a firm relationship. It is during this phase that we learn how our clients want their money spent. Establishing the parameters of the project from our clients view as well as establishing the limits based on regulatory and environmental impacts. This phase is usually blended with the site feasibility analysis.

Site Plan Design and Permitting
Pinkham and Greer offers a wide range of site plan design and permitting services for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, on projects of many different sizes. We start by carefully listening to the vision and needs of our clients. We then guide them through the entire process, from conceptual layouts to presentations at planning board meetings to final construction drawings. Our extensive experience teaches us to seek imaginative and creative solutions on difficult sites, work closely with local and state permitting authorities and stakeholders, and to study ways to save valuable construction dollars.

State and Federal Permitting
Each project has a layered permitting process that can involve State and Federal permits as well as the local approvals. The coordination of those permit applications has a direct impact on project schedules. Pinkham and Greer typically push the State and Federal permits earlier in the project schedule due to their longer time frames. We utilize the same data to each agency to ensure each permit matches the final project design.
Client meetings with State and Federal employees are used to promote a better understanding of each project and to establish a good working relationship for the long term.
Permits typically involve the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, Army Corp of Engineers and FEMA. We have experience with each of these agencies.

Highway and Roadway Design
Pinkham and Greer's experience runs deep in designing roads and highways, from a rural country road serving a few homes, to complex street networks in large multifamily neighborhoods, to improvements on bustling town streets. Our talented staff draws on their vast array of experiences to provide thoughtful road designs that best fit our client's needs. Working with the latest computer technology allows us to swiftly work through several design iterations, which gives our clients the greatest flexibility in choosing the best design for a reasonable cost. We also partner with local firms that perform traffic engineering and traffic studies services so that we may best serve our clients.

Municipal Review and Design Services
Pinkham and Greer provides municipalities with engineering peer review of site, road, and stormwater management system designs for compliance with local ordinances, regulations and standards and generally accepted engineering practice. Peer reviews also check the apparent extent of environmental impacts with respect to thresholds under State Laws such as Site Law, Stormwater Law and the Natural Resources Protection Act. Peer reviews include written reports of our findings and opinions when requested.

Pinkham and Greer provides municipalities with engineering design services for design of roads, parking lots, building sites, athletic fields, gravel pits, culverts and bridges and stormwater management facilities. Design services include: site inspection; subcontracting boundary and topographic surveys, geotechnical and traffic engineering when necessary; high intensity soil survey; wetland delineation, function and value assessment; vernal pool identification, delineation and significance determination (April-May only); drainage analyses; site design and design of stormwater management facilities such as culverts, ponds, underdrained soil filters, rain gardens, closed storm drain systems, buffers, ditches, turnouts and selection of manufactured stormwater management devices and bridges.

Stormwater Analysis and Management Systems
Stormwater analysis is a field that is constantly changing, with new local and state regulations emerging regularly, and Pinkham and Greer is at the forefront. We educate our clients early in the design process that stormwater management can be a key enhancement to any project. Pinkham and Greer has had close relationships with local and state review authorities for years, and we pride ourselves on seeking creative solutions and obtaining timely approvals of challenging stormwater projects. Whether the stormwater issue is a small culvert design, a complex series of connected stormwater features, or a large watershed or floodplain analysis, Pinkham and Greer can help.

Utility Planning and Design
Water supply systems, wastewater and sewer systems, and stormwater systems are some of the variety of utility design services that Pinkham and Greer provides to our clients. Utility services are an important consideration in all projects, and careful, innovative designs can save money during construction and in terms of long-term maintenance and operation costs. We use our in-house site evaluator to design small and large wastewater disposal systems to save our clients time and money. We work closely with local utility companies and districts and keep abreast of the current design and construction standards.

Construction Administration and Observations
Pinkham and Greer provides municipalities and private developers with construction administration and observation services. Services include bid and contractor selection assistance, bid price evaluation, construction cost breakdowns (schedule of values), shop drawing review, construction observation services from full-time observation to periodic site visits to verify the status of work at specific milestones, payment request review, final inspection and punch list development and follow-up. Site visits to observe work in progress and site conditions include written reports.

State and Federal Wetland Alteration Permitting
Impacts to wetlands require a US Army Corp of Engineers and State of Maine Natural Resource Protection Act permit. Wetland scientists on staff delineate and locate wetlands for large and small projects and are thoroughly up to date on the ever changing environmental regulations promulgated by Federal, State and Local authorities. Pinkham and Greer develops alteration plans and we work with these agencies in developing mitigation plans to meet the project goals.

Erosion and Sediment Control Design
Pinkham and Greer provides design of temporary and permanent erosion and sediment control measures for protection of property, wetlands and waterbodies and air quality on and off site during and after construction. Erosion and sediment control measures are designed in accordance with current Best Management Practices (BMPs) as described in the Maine Department of Environmental Protection publications: MAINE EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL BMPS and PHOSPHORUS CONTROL IN LAKE WATERSHEDS. We also rely on measures designed and used effectively by others such as the Maine DOT and manufactured products with proven success.

Shoreline Stabilization
Pinkham and Greer provides solutions to shoreline erosion and stabilization problems. Working with local geotechnical engineers as we deem necessary we investigate such problems to determine the cause and design solutions that meet the needs of property owners and meet the strict environmental standards of Local, State and Federal Laws as administered by municipalities, the Maine DEP and the Army Corp of Engineers. We also complete permit applications and respond to comments of reviewing agencies staff.

Engineered Wastewater Disposal Systems
Maine is a rural state and depends heavily on Subsurface Disposal Systems to properly dispose of waste. Pinkham and Greer provides basic design services for small residential systems (less than 2000 gallons per day) as well as larger, engineered systems for complex development projects. Disposal systems are designed and permitted by licensed Site Evaluators and Engineers based on project demands.

Floodplain Analysis and FEMA Permitting
Maine is known for its scenic lakes and rivers throughout the state, but each major watercourse typically has an associated floodplain area. Pinkham and Greer provides floodplain services that include minor map revisions through complex, river system analysis for road crossings and floodplain elevation determinations. Our analysis conforms to the requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and we develop permitting packages that address the site conditions around your project.

Local Permit Preparation and Coordination
Each community has developed its own ordinances and planning processes. Our experience with this system makes our projects successful at all the local level. Pinkham and Greer meets with the Town Planners, Public Works Directors and Code Officers to prepare the applications in accordance with their desires. We have a permit specialist on staff that coordinates the applications and makes sure they are complete.
We work with local staff to design projects that meet their special requirements. Each community has its own personality and our staff endeavors to find and satisfy that process.
We provide assistance with subdivisions both commercial and residential, site plan approvals, road designs and private way approvals, shore land zoning approvals and road opening permits. In most communities if you move 10 cubic yards of earth you need a permit; we help with that process.

Enviromental Engineering
Thomas S. Greer, P.E.

Mr. Greer's experience in consulting engineering includes construction inspection, civil engineering design, and project management, as well as company management as a Principal of Pinkham & Greer; each experience building on the previous to form a well-rounded background in civil engineering and business management.

Mr. Greer's principal responsibilities within the company include management of civil engineering projects such as site designs and permit applications, and the financial management of the firm. Civil engineering projects include subdivision and land planning, stormwater management plans, site designs for commercial and institutional clients, and utility design for sewer and water projects.

The responsibility of corporate management adds to Mr. Greer's direct, hands-on experience when addressing each client's individual business concerns; developing solutions sensitive to the issues important to the client, such as financing, in addition to the technical engineering issues.

Mr. Greer has chaired the American Society of Civil Engineering subcommittee reviewing the stormwater management manual prepared by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and was a member of the Technical Advisory Committee in developing the DEP Stormwater Management Program. He has also assisted the DEP with training programs for Non Point Source Stormwater through the Non Point Source Technical Advisory Committee.

EDUCATION                                                                           REGISTRATION AND LICENSES
University of Maine, Orono, Maine                                     Professional Engineer licensed in
Bachelor of Science,                                                            Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, New Hampshire
Civil Engineering, 1976

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Pinkham and Greer Civil Engineers was founded in 2014 to provide civil engineering services. 

We have provided our clients including, architects, municipalities, school departments, developers, commercial and industrial corporations, and property owners engineering services on a wide variety of projects, big and small. We have, by design, remained a small company allowing a principal to be directly involved in virtually every project we undertake. This means that each project receives the attention and commitment our clients expect from Pinkham and Greer. Our long list of repeat clients tells us that this project approach is successful.

Our staff of engineers, technical, and support professionals are individuals experienced in a variety of engineering disciplines - general civil, site development.

 We are dedicated to staying on top of advances that allow us to help our clients. We also recognize that not all problems can be solved with ready-made solutions. Unusual constraints or regulatory requirements often mean that standard solutions may not be the best ones. That is why we are so willing to tap our imaginations, as well as our expertise to solve problems.

Pinkham and Greer Civil Engineers is an engineering firm specializing in civil engineering services. We have provided our clients including, architects, municipalities, school departments, developers, commercial and industrial corporations, and property owners engineering services on a wide variety of projects, big and small since 1985. We pride ourselves on addressing our client needs from project inception to construction completion. Our small company  provides you a wide array of services with the personal attention.